Sunday, December 2, 2012



what a longgg time Huhuh
Time flies so so, so fast like ferrari not a kancil k.
You know what next next week, i'll have my final exam. and so ends up my 1st year HERE...
you know what until now (2/12/2012-7.34pm) i dont believe that i'll going finish my first year. You know why.? because its too hurt.its too depressed.its too stressed to being the only one here at FIRST. what a stupid me haa. to think like that before T.T
Now, i just counting days back home after 5months here.eheh :p
AND wanna start new sem as a second year engineering student with a BRIGHT SMILE.
and end up my study here with a FLYING RESULT AND GOOD GRADE AND A SMILE.

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